EVS in Georgia

Do you want to put the changes in your life?

Do you want to gain new friends and do an useful work?

Especially for YOU, EVS Project:

 From Strengthening Civil Society to Rural Development

Project duration is 9 months, started from October 2017. The project foresees to host 2 volunteers from Germany, one from the volunteer is selected already and we are searching for the second volunteer.

The project will host following activites:

– Small “Family type home” residence – to help the beneficiaries to prepare the home works, organize linguistic game and conversational club in foreign languages;

“Tsiskris Varskvlavi” children`s daily care center – to prepare, suppose and organize leisure – cognitive activities for the beneficiaries;

–  “Elderly People`s House” – care to create a warm and friendly environment for emotional well-being of the beneficiaries, arrange the walking hours nearby, friendly cooking days, workshops for the art and handicrafts, board games, cultural evenings etc.

Volunteers will take part in the project and they have to be:

  • Between 18 and 30 years-old;
  • Available to be part of project during 9 months;
  • Able to live and work in a multicultural and cooperative environment;
  • Willing to learn and develop the project under Non Formal Education methodologies;
  • Able to work with  everyone  (all people  involved  from different teams  and projects) with availability, interest, kindness and smiles;
  • Interested in acquiring experience in local youth projects implementation;
  • Willing to share personal interests, skills and values with other youngsters;
  • Interested and able to find solutions for the common good;
  • Able to understand and accept the consequences of his/her behavior;
  • Willing to develop his/her autonomy;
  • Interested in intercultural and intergenerational learning and dialogue,accepting its difficulties and embracing its challen

In the frames of project:

  • Will be reimbursed the travel costs of the volunteers from Germany to Georgian and back within the available budget for the Erasmus+ Programme;
  • The volunteers will have a Health insurance be provided under Erasmus+ Programme;
  • The volunteer will share a double room with another volunteer in a flat with other volunteers (the flats are located in central Ozurgeti (around 5/10 minutes from office);
  • She/he will work up to 35 hours per week, Saturday and Sunday are days off ;
  • The money for food and pocket money will be given at first week of the month;
  • Georgian Language Course (30 hours) will be conducted for the volunteers;
  • The volunteers will have a regular meetings with the mentor, mentor helping her/him to develop the learning, social skills and improve the process of integration;
  • The volunteer will take part in the trainings provided by SALTO EECA (OAT: on-arrival training and MTM: mid-term meeting);
  • The volunteers will receive the Youthpass (youthpass.eu) after the end of the project.

Sending organization:

IBIS – Interkulturelle Arbeitsstelle für Forschung, Dokumentation, Bildung und Beratung e.V.


Information about Ozurgeti: https://en.wikivoyage.org/wiki/Ozurgeti

Short clip about Ozurgeti: www.youtube.com/watch?v=xE4-DDenYms



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