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The rooms of IBIS e.V. can be rented for short time events. We’re happy to provide you rooms in Klävemannstr. 14 + 16 and Kaiserstr. 14, including equipment (if needed and available).

Seminar rooms can be booked for talks, classes, meetings etc. Our café and the event event hall can also be booked for private (birthdays, parties etc.) or public (readings, exhibitions, movie screenings) events.

Just contact us early on and let us know the time, date, and topic of your event. We’ll check the availability and contact you as soon as possible.


We ask for your understanding that IBIS e.V. cannot accept all booking requests.


IBIS Interkultruelle Arbeitsstelle e.V.
Klävemannstr. 14 + 16
Kaiserstr. 14
26122 Oldenburg

Phone: 0441 – 920582 10
E -Mail:

Who to address: Nico Neumeister and Serwan Blasiny

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