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IBIS e.V. is one of the largest German language course providers in Oldenburg.
Due to the number of courses we have a suitable course for each individual classification. Including for example courses for women, young people and parents as well as literacy classes for those who cannot read and write or who learnt to read and write using another writing system. During morning classes we will look after your little children free of charge so that you can learn in peace. Even the initial consultation is free of charge. Simply call us or come by in person!


Freyja Pe* von Rüden
Amani Soulayman
Magda Thomas-Andrzejak
Mediane Bencherif

IBIS Academe

Kaiserstr. 29
26122 Oldenburg

0441 – 920582 70
Office hours

monday:       09:30–13:00 + 15:00–17:00
tuesday:       09:30–13:00 + 15:00–17:00
wednesday:  09:30–13:00
thursday:      09:30–13:00 + 15:00–17:00
friday:           09:30–13:00

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