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We advise refugees who have often experienced difficult and sometimes traumatic situations and help them with personal problems, dealing with authorities, the asylum procedure and in health care.

We provide support with the help of volunteer and psychologists and interpreters and strive for the joint development of perspectives concerning residency and life.

We give special attention to traumatized and unaccompanied refugee – children who witnessed war and violence in their homeland.

We promote volunteering, neighbourhood meetings and devote ourselves to anti-discrimination work in various forms.

IBIS Interkulturelle Arbeitsstelle e.V.

Refugee advice

Klävemannstr. 16

26122 Oldenburg

0441-920582 20
office hours

tuesday:        10:00-12:00 + 14:00-16:00

wednesday:  10:00-12:00

thursday:      10:00-12:00

friday:          10:00-12:00


Unfortunately if you are involved with integration matters, dealing with problems and difficult situations is necessary and indispensable. But integration also has a positive and rewarding side!

At Klävemanstr. 16, our IBIS Café is open every day from 10.00 – 17.00 hrs and provides coffee and tea as well as a place for talks and culture exchange. The Café offers a space for encounters between people with and without migration background.

Again and again IBIS e.V. puts on events there, such as concerts, lectures or exhibitions to promote cultural exchange.

Such encounters in this “cultural facility” help to reduce racism and prejudice – and thus promote peaceful coexistence of migrants and non-migrants within the city and the region. The performances give the city an international flavour, inform about other cultures and offer a gentle means of prevention.


IBIS Interkulturelle Arbeitsstelle e.V.

Klävemannstr. 16

26122 Oldenburg


opening hours:

monday – friday

9.00 – 17.00 Uhr

Im Café IBIS
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