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We advise refugees who have often experienced difficult and sometimes traumatic situations and help them with personal problems, dealing with authorities, the asylum procedure and in health care.

We provide support with the help of volunteer and psychologists and interpreters and strive for the joint development of perspectives concerning residency and life.

We give special attention to traumatized and unaccompanied refugee – children who witnessed war and violence in their homeland.

We promote volunteering, neighbourhood meetings and devote ourselves to anti-discrimination work in various forms.

Our other services:

German courses for refugees

Refugee Cafe´(Fridays between 14.00 – 18.00 hrs at Cafe´ IBIS visitors can enjoy coffee, tea and biscuits together, read news from their home, eat together, learn German or seek advice.)


Mousa Mazidi

Tel. 0441 – 39 03 89 43

– Arabic
– Fārsī
– Darī
– German

Hendrik Lammers

Tel. 0441 – 39 06 33 23

– English
– French
– German

Ilyas Yanc

Tel. 0441 – 39 03 89 43

– Kurdish
– German


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